How much to pay for your membership?
We offer Tips of the Day memberships at affordable price:
7 day Tips for 119 Eur. (at present we have half price discount)
15 day Tips for 179 Eur. (at present we have half price discount)
30 day Tips for 299 Eur. (at present we have half price discount)

How can i pay for your Tips?
You can make a direct payment via Paypal, credit cards or Skrill. If you want to pay through the Skrill payment service provider, contact us and we will send you our contacts. 

After making payment, what should I do?
After your payment has been processed and confirmed, you will receive our Tips by email in maximum 1 hour after you complete the payment, if the Tip is ready. Further we will send Tips only by email, with at least 2-3 hours before the game starting hour. If avoid any delay, after money transfer, please write directly to .

Where do you get your betting Tips?
We're passionate about soccer Tips and soccer statistics. They are our life. Our Tips are based on various types of information, from the insider Tips coming directly from clubs, related to the composition of teams, injured players, sending-offs, financial difficulties, current condition and form of teams, statistics of their performance over a period of time, transfers – all the way to confidential information that we obtain from our insiders. We take part from the restricted forums. We exchange information with top soccer Tips analysts around the world. We help them, they help us.

Why only 1 Tip per match day?
Limiting to only 1 Tip per match day, ensures that you get the very best Tips from us. You deserve the best, we deliver only the best.Our Tips it is not a series.Every game is a new game.

Are the records shown on your website genuine?
Yes, definitely. We will be in this business for long term, therefore we adhere to very strict guidelines of honesty in all our records. Unlike other websites , we don't fake or amend our results. We believes that in any business, honesty is the most important aspect.

How many money can I make with your tips?
It depends on two things: What quantity from your money you decide to risk for each level (action) and as our successful elections. There is an example: You have 1,000 euros. You decide that you are ready to place 100 euros for each tip. These are 10 percent from your bank. In our section RECORDS profit is counted as percent from your initial bank if you always place an identical sum of money which is always equal in 10 percent of your initial bank. You establish the size of your bank at discretion, depending on your wishes and opportunities.

What bookmakers you recommend? (high odds) (the widest choice of matches) (high odds in live bets)
All odds in our tips which we send you, is odds of one of these three bookmakers.

More Questions?
If you have any questions feel free to contact us at any time.